A Message From The United States Congress

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The western front of the United States Capitol...

The western front of the United States Capitol. The Capitol serves as the seat of government for the United States Congress, the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government. It is located in Washington, D.C., on top of Capitol Hill at the east end of the National Mall. The building is marked by its central dome above a rotunda and two wings. It is an exemplar of the Neoclassical architecture style. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To: the people of the United States of America.
Screw you America! You were stupid enough to believe our BS promises to you and stupid enough to vote us into office and now you’re whining about us not getting anything done for you.

Who do you think you worthless people are?! When you want something, you have to pay for it. We collect large amounts of money from big organizations and corporations who want us to do things for them and their interests. Take for instance the NRA and gun manufacturers. They pay us big bucks to look the other way. 92% of you bitch about a few kids being killed and a few thousand more of you each year by assault weapons but we don’t see 92% of you collecting a shit pot of money to buy us off in your favor and your kids are too young to vote and not our concern anyway. So put up or shut up. We got into politics to make money and by the way, come next election, even if you were to vote us all out of office, those big organizations and corporations have more just like us waiting in the wings with all their money to back them up. They will have them look appealing and be well scripted with all the right things to say to make you believe they will fight for you and work hard for your cause and like pigs to a troth, you’ll go running to the polls to vote for them and once in office, they’ll say “SCREW YOU AMERICA!”

So, if you want Congress to work for you, get out your wallets and check books, crack open your kiddies piggy banks, sell off your property and organize to try and collectively out spend the big guys who buy us and threaten to primary us out if we don’t do their bidding and maybe, just maybe, you will get us to do at least 50% of what you want. after all, that’s what we’re here for, the money honey.
Your Heartless, Greedy, United States Congress

Why We Should Not Allow A Mosgue At Ground Zero.

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I am amazed at the argument by Americans over whether or not a mosque should be built in the vicinity of ground zero.

I was watching TV on the morning of September 11th, 2001 and saw the whole tragic attack on our country. I saw the planes hit the World Trade Center towers, the people falling to their deaths, and the towers collapsing down to a pile of smoking rubble. It was horrifying to watch. I will never forget it.

There is something else I saw on TV that horrible day that nobody else seems to remember or talk about. That is the coverage of practically the entire Muslim world dancing and cheering in the streets of their towns and cities for their victory over the death and destruction in the United States.

Thats right, they cheered while we cried. They were blowing their horns in the streets, banging pots and pans. The Muslim women were yodeling that insane la la la la la la la la la la. Only Israel wept with us over there and said “Now we’re all Israeli

So if you ask me what I think about a Mosque being built next to ground zero, I would say they can build it in hell where they belong and all the whining bleeding hearts for these sub-human monsters can join them.

Report Abuse? What a Joke!

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I am appalled with the legal system here in Las Vegas and the system that allows the people on public assistance who claim to have drug problems and mental illnesses to get away with crime and disrupt the lives of law abiding citizens. I am also shocked that an organization that my wife and I support known as the ASPCA has looked the other way in a case of animal neglect by these same people.

What has gotten me so upset is that our neighbors (more so ,neigh-dwellers rather than neighbors) who do not have jobs and have a 6 year old daughter who the mother refers to as “that  MF_ _ _ _N RETARD” and who goes to a special school sometimes (the county sends out a full sized empty bus just for her for the option of going or not) and when she goes, her parents get loaded up on prescription drug, sometimes parking a wheel chair or walker outside of their door which they use to hang washed-out underwear and the child’s garments on to air dry.

For at least 30 times this past year they have called up 911 to have the fire & rescue team come out along with the AMR ambulance to service the man who usually walks over to the gurney and lays himself down blowing kisses to his family as they wheel him away. This usually occurs after he has provoked a fight with a neighbor or has had an argument over non payment to a guy who is selling Zanax, Valium, or Oxycontin (please forgive any misspelling on these drugs, I don’t use them). The dealer disappears and the neighbor who he provokes a fight with usually has to move.

Last Saturday, July 11th, this happened again.  However, this time the mother later on became so abusive to her daughter, beating her so badly that the whole building was complaining. We are supposed to report child abuse aren’t we? That’s what happened and the police arrived catching her in the act and arresting her. The little girl was questioned, taken into an ambulance for examination. Animal control took the dog out which had been kept in the house with no shots or license and going all over the floor. The little girl said the dog goes in the house (apartment) all the time and wondered why we and others walk our dogs.

The father was brought back from the hospital, running up to the ambulance and the wonderful Child Protective Services department of Las Vegas. They, CPS here, made the logical(?) decision to leave the child in his care, even though he is obviously drugged up.

The next day he approached me asking me for $20.00 because he was “hurting” and he knew a guy selling morphine to help him because the cops took all the drugs when his wife was arrested on felony child abuse. I walked away.

Friday night, July 17th, less than a week after she was arrested and charged, she was back screaming that the cops took all her F_ _ _ _ing drugs and screaming at the top of her lungs. Also , the dog was back.

How does this happen?! What kind of system is this and who are these people? No wonder people don’t get involved and look the other way when a crime is being committed. This is a joke! I hope they kill each other and I can tell our legal system “I told you so!”

Gun Laws Interview ON GMA

April 6, 2009 1 comment

Sunday:  April 5, 2009 ABC Good Morning America; Blond interviewer on gun laws with with professor & author Jim Jacobs.

Click here to see video.

Did it ever occur to you that with all the laws in this country, not one of them actually stops criminals?

A criminal has total disregard for the law; that’s why 3 police officers were killed in Pittsburgh.

The question the news media doesn’t ask and should ask is, “How can we address the criminal mentality to stop people from going over the edge to break the law?”

Criminals are people who have become desperate or have given up, or, have mental problems.  No one pays attention to them until they break the law.

Maybe all it takes for them is to hear someone like Michelle Bachman say, “People must become armed and dangerous” just 1 weeks before all this gun violence broke out.

Maybe members of the media should haul her ass into an interview and ask her if she’s happy now?

Why don’t they ask, “Why aren’t people like her (Bachman) arrested for inciting violence?”  She has mental issues too (take a look at her eyes when she’s ranting).

Need more laws?

No, we need to be aware.  To recognize the signs and get help for people who might snap.

People should start helping people instead of being cowering victims waiting for ignored written laws to jump out and protect them.

Tell-A-Friend: Support a Truth & Reconciliation Commission

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Wake Up America

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Every time I hear the news it seems things are getting worse; gas prices rising, stock market falling, housing market failing, and people getting frustrated and worried about the future of our economy. It seems that everybody is looking at the President to do something or they’re hoping the next President will do something to fix all of our problems. Wake up America because one person even in the “most powerful seat in the nation” can’t put this Humpty Dumpty situation back together again. We the American people gave all of our power away to the United States Congress because we wanted someone else to look after our needs which is ok because we need an advocate in Washington DC to speak on our behalf. These are our elected Representatives or members of Congress and we are their constituents that they represent. Everybody should know this, after all we voted for these people to go to Washington to do just that. The problem is, that is about all most Americans do is vote but never check up on their Congressperson to see how or what if anything he or she is doing in Washington. We pay them enormous salaries from our tax dollars so they can live the high life while many Americans are struggling financially as they sit idly allowing things to collapse around them like our economy because maybe some special interest group told them not to vote on this bill or vote no on that bill if they want to be guaranteed reelection. The President has lifted the executive ban on off shore drilling but will the Congress do the same? They won’t if the Saudi’s have anything to say about it and don’t think for one minute that they do not have a special interest advocate in Washington to influence our Congress to keep our oil companies from drilling or coming up with alternative energy sources to keep prices down. This is just one example of course but my point is, the American people seem to be more interested in Hollywood gossip and what’s happening with Briteny Spears, ARod, KFed, TomCat, or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or as I like to call them JoPit. I heard on the news the other day about this guy who could name all twenty six models on Deal or No Deal but could not tell you the name of his State Representative. This same guy was crying about the price of gasoline and how bad things are. Of course even knowing the names of your Representatives and writing to them if you are an average American does little good because it is as if your letter falls into a black hole (scientifically speaking, not racially) if you hear from their office at all but I think if Americans really took an interest in what their Representatives were doing and we all persisted in writing them and voicing our concerns and letting them know that we are the ones that voted them into office and that they work for us, maybe just maybe, we as Americans can take back our country.

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Hello world!

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